Well - - I guess I will respond on list then ;-)

It has been out experience in dealing with these big honking omnioid HPOL
antennas to pre-mount and tie everything down (jumpers, AP's, grounding
...etc) everything you can before pulling it up the tower. It will cause you
to pop a roid or hernia wrestling the HPOL omni onto a 4' standoff up the
tower not to mention just mounting the standoff by itself is a chore at

  The real trick to making it easy to mount a pre-loaded 4' stand off up the
tower is how you tie the standoff on the ground. It will take several
carabineers' and at least two short pieces of web rope (rope) attached to
the hoist line. The "upright" attitude of the standoff and antenna should be
as it will be after install. In other words - when you start the accent of
the standoff - - it ought to go up the tower just like it will be mounted -
- with the omni poking straight up. This way the man on the tower is not
trying to hold it in place - the ground man holds the load while the tower
monkey attaches the standoff.  The other key thing is to have the pulley up
the tower at least 15' (if possible) above where the standoff is going to be
mounted as this makes it a lot easier for the guy up the tower to get the
standoff lined up on the leg of the tower. Bolt the top portion of the
standoff first and then let the weight off the rope and the bottom portion
of the standoff will fall against the tower leg ready for bolts.

 The biggest "gotcha" when pulling up pre-loaded standoffs (with fiberglass
Omni's)is that if you don't have the proper setup then your omni will go
into the tower as you are pulling it up and "snap" goes your new fiberglass
omni! We ALWAYS use a large carabiner attached to the eye that the load is
connected to and then run the "pull end" of the rope through that same
carabiner   - - this allows us back away from the tower and as we back out
away from the tower the gear we are pulling up also is pulled out away from
the tower. It gives the man on the ground complete control of the gear going
up. I have seen times where we would be close to 100' out from the base of a
tower - - - depending on the height of the tower and location on the tower.
This carabineer's sole and ONLY job is to attach the load to the pulling
rope - - do not hook any gear to this carabiner - it is just a loop for the
pulling end rope to go through.

It may take a pic to explain that! :-)


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> I'd like to hear, either way, as well.
> I'm going to be putting up my third 4 foot standoff tomorrow,
> and would like to know if I can make this one easier :)
> R
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> Mac,
> This is not off-list, but I am interested in your stories.  We do small
> tower work ourselves and I always like to learn from others
> mistakes/lessons.  Is this stuff you can share on-list?  If not, send
> them off-list to me as well.
> Eric Rogers
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> Mark,
>   We found that a minimum of 3' off the leg of tower will get you by,
> but we have gone to 4' as a general rule here.
>   If you have never hung standoffs with big antennas on a tower before
> and would like to know some of the lessons we learned the hard to make
> things easier - ht me off list and will be glad to share with you.
> Mac
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> >
> > I am setting up a new tower and I will mounting at 200ft on a 230ft
> > tower, it is a triangular tower with an approximately 3ft face. I am
> > starting with an omni and I am trying to determine how far off the
> tower
> > a 2.4 HPol omni should be mounted to minimize tower interference.
> >
> >
> >
> > Mark McElvy

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