George, I use these and find them exceptional.  They see in brilliant color
in the day (up to 5 megapixels) and have night mode that's B&W but equal in
resolution and will see a lot more than you can but isn't for total
darkness.  It can read a plate at 100 feet, I'd guess, in moonlight, and
still catch a wide image (you can digitally zoom up...not bad when you start
with 5 megapixels).

If you want, I can send you an image or try their site:

It is an IP camera that has Web access, very rich triggering options
including selected parts of the image for e-mail or FTP.  It doesn't have an
AP built in, however, so you need PoE or other power.

. . . j o n a t h a n

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I need cameras that will take pictures in the night.
Something that is reasonable in price and maybe can catch a license 
plate number.

It does not have to be an ip camera.

Does anyone have experience in this?
George Rogato

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