I decided to dig deeper into the new RUS Proposed Rule changes and think this is something we should all read and comment on since this affects all of us.

Follow the link for more info on how to comment and read the document in question.

Dawn DiPietro

Look and see who is moving into your community:

The interesting text is located here:

"Special Note to Potential Loan Applicants: Potential applicants should note
that Rural Development cannot provide funding to another entity for
communities associated with approved applications and that communities
associated with pending applications are restricted until a lending decision
is reached on the pending application. In addition, Rural Development cannot
provide funding to an additional entity for towns where the Agency has an
active Telecom borrower providing broadband service. For active Telecom
borrowers see:
<> ."

This locks me out of getting funding from RUS for towns that have already
been "claimed" by RUS loan applicants.. So much for competition?!

Does this lock you out of competition as well?


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