I thought it was an outrageous statement to be made myself. Figured it might be good for list discussion.


Sam Tetherow wrote:
Hmm, I'll take that bet. People that make these types of claims obviously haven't been in areas where you can go for more than 40 miles with no cell service, on a major highway, not to mention getting off the beaten path to individuals homes. Some times it really is more economical to string copper than put up towers.

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George Rogato wrote:
Worldnet founder: Copper landlines gone by 2013

“By 2012 [there will be] no more reason to use our landlines--so we won’t,” Evslin wrote. “I don’t think the copper plant will last past 2012. The problem is the cost of maintaining and operating it when it has very few subscribers. Obviously [it’s] a huge problem for AT&T and Verizon. And an important social issue as well.”

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