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The alton-moore site seems to think that Rohn25 sections don't weigh
anything. He said he has carried 2 sections in each hand easily.
Depends on how hefty this guy is... I have also carried 2 sections in 1 hand before and 2 in another hand ... it's a total of 74lbs for 2 9'6" (10ft straight sections) of Rohn25
Don't believe it.
Again - depends on your own capabilities... I actually think it was a typo and he meant he carried 2 sections... 1 in each hand... but I am not him and won't assume.

A section weighs about 40-50 lbs and you need a good rope
No Section of Rohn25 weights 40-50 lbs... Don't believe it.
and certainly a better pulley and clamps that he shows.
His block is a bit rough looking, but it's prob a bit more stout then you could buy off of ebay......but his clamps, they will work just fine although they will cause you a ton of extra work trying to use them.

I'd be afraid of his setup.

I will say this once, and I don't want to debate on who THINKS they can do what.... Stacking a Rohn25 tower is a very dangerous business. Even more so then the larger steel we stack and downstack most of the time. Rohn25 is very forgiving but you will get in trouble very quickly if you do not know what you are doing and have experienced people working with you.

Do NOT try to skimp on the equipment you use for any tower work. You can screw up once and seriously hurt of kill someone. Once you get above your 2nd section, if you slip / fall / drop a section / shock load the guy wires..... Rohn25 will kink and collapse quicklike........

Hire atleast 1 experienced person in who has stacked SEVERAL of these smaller tower types like Rohn / Magnum / Etc.....


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Well that looks fairly simple.

There's not much out there for gin pole videos.  :-p  That was the only one I could

There's a lot to say on this site, though I dunno if any of it is correct:

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