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The question of being required to use a software version that denied operation on non-US frequencies has been hanging over Mikrotik and WISPs now for several months. Seems this is the last issue that needs to be addressed before we will see a potential flood of Mikrotik-based certified products because a lot of WISPs want to certify and/or use Mikrotik-based equipment. To clear up any confusion, I submitted this issue to the FCC via email. Here's my submission and the FCC response:

_My Submission: _
"For intentional radiators certified under Parts 15.247 and 15.401 must the software allow operation ONLY on FCC permitted frequencies and at FCC permitted power levels or can an equipment manufacturer submit a system for certification that includes the ability to software-select the country of operation as long as U.S. - FCC is included as one of the selections?"

_FCC Response: _
"The current policy is that the manufacturer must employ some mechanism on devices marketed in US so that the devices will not transmit in unauthorized frequencies, and the mechanism must be outside of control of the users. Therefore the method you mentioned is not permitted."

Michael, as you suggest, it is not difficult to submit questions to the FCC. Your questions go a bit beyond mine therefore I welcomed your offer to submit your questions to the FCC. I don't consider myself "vocally" pushing anything. I just want to see more WISPs be able to have access to low-cost certified equipment so 1) They won't put themselves and their businesses at risk of high monetary fines and possible shutdowns, and 2) The industry as a whole will benefit once we shed this "outlaw" image and are seen as responsible business operators.

Please do *go ahead* and submit your questions to the FCC as you offered. I'm sure that the answers will be appreciated by a lot of WISPs.


Michael Erskine wrote:

A few of you are making a lot of noise.
You seem to want to talk a lot about how MT is not certified and you say "but if it were"... Ryan, Why haven't you and those so vocal gone to the FCC with this question already?
The FCC is but a telephone call away.

It never ceases to amaze me how men and women of obvious intelligence will debate ad nasuiem about how some government agency will rule on some topic, but never will they find the courage to simply call that agency and ask them. Rather they will wait till someone suggests it and then
after all the debate and posturing, say, "Yeah, Go ahead! You call them."

What a joke.

Ryan Langseth wrote:
On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 01:09 -0400, Michael Erskine wrote:

I think that your opinion is like mine, both informed and experienced. I am perfectly comfortable with my opinion. And I did not get into an argument, or even suggest one was somehow a good idea.

That said, let me also say this. If I don't have to have my router boards certified without radios because they are not intentional radiators, then when I add an FCC certified card to them I still don't have to have them certified because they are still what they were.

If you tell me that every PC running a pci wireless card has to be certified then I'll go with suggesting that a single board computer, which is designed to be a router, should also be certified like all those PC's otherwise, Rick, I think that both you and Dawn are incorrect.

1) drivers for the wireless card do not allow you to adjust power. 2) comes with a small rubber ducky ant, not a 15db sector.

This discussion has come up on this list at probably least a dozen times
since I have joined (less than a year ago). MT is not certified, end of
chapter.  Ask MT they will, most likely, tell you the same thing.
Like I said, I think your opinion is like mine, both informed and experienced. I don't think you, or I, or Dawn, have the last word in this matter and I'd be happy to take the issue up with the FCC to get a reading from them.

Do this, I would like to read the next chapter, if they can get
certified though the PC method, I would take a look at their product. Ryan

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