Use the IP Bindings in the hotspot to create a bypass for the subnet the APs are on. This way the hotspot will ignore those IPs or even Mac addresses if you prefer.

Bill Gaylord

Jory Privett wrote:
I am setting up several new Hotspots using Mikrotik. The network has 3 APs and internet access through a single Mikrotik router:

Mikrotik Router <---------> 3x Mikrotik AP <-----> Clients

I want to configure the Hotspot controller on the router and not on the individual APs. I have everything setup and working with just one little problem. When the Hotspot is active I can not access the APs from outside the router. I have tested my addressing and routing and everything works when the Hotspot is disabled. I even set the APs to function on a different subnet and made sure that I can communicate with them and that works. Turn on the Hotspot and I lose connectivity. Is there a way to setup a sub interface and only have the hotspot use it and all other address space use the main interface? Any other ideas from you Mikrotik Pros??

Jory Privett

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