Thank you for the opportunity to highlight my views for the future of WISPA and for allowing me to serve you as a Board of Director.

As the Treasurer and a Director of WISPA,

I will continue my roll in building membership and growing WISPA as thee wisp industry organization, to be more effective in the legislation that effects our industry. Over the past year I have taken the task of promoting membership and have enjoyed success in growing our membership through my active and outspoken efforts.

Membership and the financial health of WISPA is a top priority. Unfortunately as positive as this past year has been for membership enrollment, it's not enough.

I have brought forward to the board a proposal to hire a part time to full time WISPA membership employee. Although it did have a positive response from most of the other Board, we have not taken this next step to hire a WISPA person. Sometimes things don't happen fast enough.

This next term, I will push WISPA in this direction. It's important to understand that in order to be effective, we need more help and we need more members to help. We need more organizational help.

Help can be as simple as being vocal, or taking part on a special interest committee.

Also important is that WISPA as a group understands that it represents a cross section of our industry made up of different beliefs, practices, and opinions.

In order to evoke change and to help our industry grow in a direction that benefits us all, we need all wisps, no matter how small or how they think.

WISPA represents ALL wisps.

I will continue to promote membership in WISPA to help grow WISPA with a centrist point of view.

Rule changes.

We need new rules regarding componentized systems such as MT, Star, ADI, Icarus, open source, etc.

The most effective accomplishment that I have had is the subject of certification and the advancement of certified systems now starting to hit the streets.

Yes we need to be able to build our own certified systems, but we need the help of the manufacturers.

At our WISPA Feb 2007 WASHINGTON DC FCC meeting I brought up the subject of certification and discussed in detail the aspects of certified and non certified systems used widespread as a standard practice through out our industry and how do we change this.

I said to the FCC, you need to go after the manufacturers who sell these systems and make them get them certified, not the wisp. We talked in detail about the use and about the infrequent issues associated with Unlicensed Frequency use.

I came back from DC with a message from the FCC concerning certified systems use and put the pressure where the pressure belongs, on the manufacturer not the wisp.

I also put together a committee with Jack in the lead to help wisps get their systems certified. I'm sure there will e certified systems come from this seed that I planted.

I personally talked to various manufacturers encouraging and drumming up support for certification and I know there will be many new certified systems. I have already seen some.

But we need to not stop here, we need to actively try to create a special wisp or wispa certified system installer who can "design - build on the fly" with already certified and accepted components.

Today we have new certified systems coming online and I believe I played a roll in hastening this.

I have created 2 committees and would create any special interest committee that would be of interest or benefit our member wisps.

WISPA as an organization is successful and headed in the right direction. This past year as a Director and the Treasurer, I can tell you that the other Directors and volunteer wisps that serve on committees trying to help are all special people who deserve recognition. Not one time have I witnessed any kind of impropriety from anyone. Everyone serving has WISPA's best interest at all times.

Because of this, the membership should know that WISPA's financial condition is healthy. With volunteer ism for labor and conservative but necessary spending has allowed WISPA to stay in the black and with continued support and increased membership size, WISPA can more effective lobbying for change to benefit our industry.

I appreciate your vote

Thank You


John Scrivner wrote:
Here are some questions that our board candidates can answer to help give some insight to those of you who will be voting for our board this Friday:

What do you hope to achieve as a board member in WISPA over the next 12 months?

What is WISPA doing right and what do you think needs to be changed?

What are the top 3 laws or rules that you feel should be the highest priority for WISPA involvement right now. How should they be changed?

Do you serve, or plan to serve, on any WISPA committees while in office? If yes then what committees?

I will answer my own post with answers shortly. I encourage all board candidates to answer these questions so people can decide who they want to represent them in the next year.
John Scrivner

George Rogato

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