From what I understand, frequency coordination for 4.9 GHz is local,
though all transmitters in licensed spectrum are eventually registered
with the FCC.

I imagine 4.9 GHz is in various areas are coordinated through one of
the longstanding public safety frequency coordination groups such as
APCO. Ask a local two-way radio dealer that maintains police, fire, or
other goverment two-way radio systems who the local frequency
coordinators are.



On 7/10/07, Butch Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

While on this subject, I have a possible project where 4.9GHz would
be perfect.  It is a single PD (municipal) with 3 buildings
(including the jail) that they want interconnected.  I had
considered 4.9 because the 5gig band is pretty much useless in that
area.  RF-wise, we're good.  Is there a federal frequency coodinator
for use of this band?  Local?  Do they just start using it?  Any
insights would be MUCH appreciated.

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