Travis Johnson wrote:
Yes, I remember the dark fiber... and so, the question remains, how much fiber did they buy? They are now bidding on 700mhz spectrum, and could connect everything back to their main datacenters with all the dark fiber they purchased previously. ;)

And I never said they were "Evil" (which is funny that everyone is using that term when it is Google's company moto to "Do no Evil")... all I am saying is we need to keep our eyes open and watch what is going on... if the telco's buy the 700mhz, nobody really cares... they will use it for cell phone or higher speed mobile services...

No, They will use it to deliver broadband in direct competition to you. The telco's have figured out that their future rests in broadband and not POTS.

but if Google buys it, they will offer internet service really, really cheap or for free. They are making BILLIONS of dollars profit every year without doing anything...

They are organizing data. They are selling advertizing space. CBS does that. NBC does that. CNN does that. It is not nothing.

so they really have a lot of money they can throw at whatever they want.

Good. I am all for competitors to the ILECs and I sincerely hope that Google gets some of that spectrum and offers the public a third option...

Let's run some quick numbers... just for the fun of it...

700mhz Access Point at roughly $2,000 each
700mhz CPE at roughly $200 each

Let's use a 50:1 ratio of CPE to AP, so it would be $12,000 for each AP/CPE combo. They would be able to charge something for the CPE, so that money can be used for other tower expenses (UPS, switches, etc.). Using only their profit for a single MONTH, they could put up 83,000 access points and deliver 4.1 million CPE. They could, almost instantly, become the single largest ISP in the world.

Hey, and that would really level the playing field with the big boys, wouldn't it?

It just gets scary when you actually realize that a BILLION is one thousand MILLION dollars.

Yes but investors are investors, aren't they? Investors are often hesitant to let a company explore new territory. They would not be allowed to drop all their eggs in that one basket and they could not put the infrastructure in place that fast either.

If you are looking for something to fear, fear the ILECs.

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