Mike Hammett wrote:
Broadband Baloney (Opinion) FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell

According to several recent surveys, the average percentage of U.S. households taking broadband is about 42%; the EU average is 23%.
And wait until 2009, when our economy comes to a screeching halt. And the EU 
economy will look strong. There are cultural difference why the EU is lower, 
but their cellular usage is much greater.

In the next few years, we will witness a tremendous explosion of 
entrepreneurial brilliance in the broadband market, if the government doesn't 

That explosion will not be here. Likely in all the far flung places that the Fortune 500 is moving HQ's to like India and Dubai.

But that's just me being grumpy at the whole deal as a former Comptel guys goes 
to the dark side.

- Peter

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