>> > Forced wholesale access of the physical layer / network layer does
>> > absolutely nothing to increase availability and, in fact, actually
>> > hurts availabilty.
>> You are incorrect there. The plant company would need to keep building
>> out to increase revenue.
>> The Application side would want that as well.
>I think you missed my point here.  My point is that forcing telcos to resell
>their network layer does absolutely nothing to connect additional people.
>If I resell AT&T DSL to someone on AT&T's network, they could have just as
>easily gotten it from AT&T.
>I definitely agree that seperating the physical layer and the network layer
>would be a great way of regulating and getting good competition; it forces
>each component to become more efficient and breaks up the vertical monopoly
>(which is, in the end, more damaging than the horizontal monopoly).
>However, I think the idea of forcing ILECs to (when all is said and done)
>allow resell of their retail products is just stupid.  It doesn't increase
>broadband penetration at all
>>   The ISP / CLEC that is basically reselling ILEC copper is not
>> > connecting anyone who wouldn't / couldn't have been connected via the
>> > ILEC.  However, because the ILEC is less profitable due to forced
>> > reselling, then they can't buildout as much infrastructure
>> > (theoretically).
>> Sure it is. CLEC's and ISP's are always stealing clients from each other
>> and ILEC's. Sometimes they steal them from cable. But more than just the
>> red ocean is the blue ocean when a new idea like Metro E over copper or
>> VDSL or HPNA or BPL comes along and stretches the use of the copper and
>> brings consumers new apps and new access. (Covad is rolling out 15MB DSL
>> - are any ILECs? NO).
In most cases, the gov't has made subsidizations to the ILEC to build out their 
infrastructure's, no matter what has happened, forced competition or not! They 
refuse to do it in this case because they have to "share" their network. 

Look at  http://www.newnetworks.com/broadbandscandals.htm and the deal SBC, 
Verizon, BellSouth and US West were supposed to do! The point is that the FCC 
were either paid off to forget this point or they must have just had a brain 

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