Jory Privett wrote:
I have been doing some research and these seem great, almost. The main problem I have is power where it needs to be. If I could get 120v then I could easily use one of these units or a standard PC. Most of my sights are on water towers so there is no electricity at the top of them and the radio ahs to be feed with PoE. I have tried putting the radios lower and using LMR cableis to the antennas but have had bad experiences with that in the past.

That's just a personal preference, I think. About half of our towers are "radio at ground level, coax going up to the antenna," the other half being "radio in the air, ethernet/POE going up."

I prefer having my gear at ground level, but that's probably because I'm not a climber, and it always kinda bugs me when something gets zapped and I have to wait an extra hour to fix it because all the climbers are working on other stuff at the other end of our service area forty miles away.

If you use good coax cable, you'll only lose four or five dB per hundred feet, and that's easily overcome with a slightly higher-gain antenna or a slightly more powerful radio. I think the convenience of having the gear more easily accessible (and the flexibility of having AC power available) outweighs the added cost of that "better" equipment, but there are good arguments both ways.

If you're desperate you could always get a 100' extension cable :D (Seriously, running power up a tower certainly can be done. It's more wiring, of course, and you may have to worry about those pesky electrical codes, but if you feel ambitious you can do that and get some of the good stuff from both choices.)

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