I'm looking for a way to keep an eye on my network, and to fix some basic stuff, while hiking, or on vacation, or what-have-you. Ideally, something I could take to a baseball game with me, even.

A laptop computer is far too big for what I've got in mind, as it's likely to double as a pass-around "pager" for whoever's on call this week. Thus, I'm probably limited to a Blackberry or maybe a Windows Mobile device like the Motorola Q, running on a cell phone network.

Most of our towers are running Valemount's StarOS software, so we need something that has an SSH client, and that SSH client needs to support key chording (Control-whatever, basically). Most devices like this, a Web browser is a given, which should handle the rest of our needs (looking in on the network monitoring system, and a couple Ligowave towers). The ability to receive (and, maybe, send) emails is important, but that's pretty much guaranteed these days too. (Worst case, I whip up some email-to-SMS voodoo.)

VNC support would be swell but probably not strictly needed. (Besides, it'd take forever to scroll around a 1208x1024 desktop on one of those...)

I can't be the first one here who's looked at getting a Blackberry (or something similar) to handle basic network stuff remotely. What works? What doesn't? Will I even be sorta-happy with, say, a Blackberry 8700?

David Smith
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