Forrest W Christian wrote:

we're trying to rid ourselves of exactly the same people that the cable companies are ridding
themselves of - those which expect a full bore pipe for less than it costs us to purchase the bandwidth.

I just had a guy who wanted to sign up but wanted to define what speeds I was going to give him and what exactly he was expecting.
He said, when I buy a 3 meg connection I expect 3 megs all the time.

I asked him if he thought 3 megs all the time meant that when he hit the speed test button, that it was going to come back every single time at 3 megs or if he meant 3megs all-the-time constantly consuming bandwidth at 3megs a second.

He chose 3megs all-the-time constantly consuming bandwidth at 3megs a second.

And he wanted a public ip address and no ports blocked.

So I asked him if he thought it was feasible for me to buy bandwidth at $60+ per meg on a dedicated internet connection and then sell him 3x $60 for $40.00 per month and then to boot buy him a public ip and configure my routers to his specification.

How long will I stay in business doing that.

We argued a bit about bit caps and consumer broadband connection verses dedicated business class connectivity. I kept my cool and was even keel, the guy was getting pissed and disagreeing the deeper I got into explaining what I was going to be providing and he was going to be buying. Finally I sent him on his way to google and told him he should search out comcast and bit caps and give me a call back when he thinks he can operate on my network with my terms of service.

The guy called back, apologized and explained he misunderstood and and he expected to pay what he should be paying and would give me a call back when he was ready.

I hooked him up a couple weeks ago and we're both happy.

He knows the rules. He even offered to pay more for his public ip. I didn't and generally don't charge extra for ip addresses. And he knows to be reasonable about usage. Heck I could care less if he used 50 gigs every now and then, but not all-the-time

Now how to explain it to the rest of the market place is going to be the hard thing.


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