Forrest W. Christian wrote:
Knowing what I know about the territory out here is that when Microserv said (paraphrasing) "200 miles is the cheap bandwidth", they probably mean Salt Lake City. It's 200 miles from us to him, and just guessing, there would probably be around 8-10 hops to get to him, if we got the *right* sites. At easily $200/month per site - since these are prime sites, this adds $2K of backhaul just go get to Idaho Falls. Then you have to add the 10 hops @20K/hop worth of radios (200K), and pay for them over 36 months (~6K/month), so doing this you end up paying 8K/month for loop, which on a OC3 would equate to $51/meg of loop costs. That's more than I'm paying for bits delivered *here*.

I don't know the area, but 8-10 hops sounds high to me as that is only 20-25 miles a hop. Regardless, your ~6K/month figure would go away after 3 years using your numbers dropping your total outlay to 2k/month getting you to $13/meg. Essentially, the difference between buying and renting. Additionally, you may be able to use those additional sites to expand your market.

Again, Montana is tough; I was just using you as example for others who aren't in such a tough position.


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