At 09:39 AM 9/15/2007, chris cooper wrote:
Id be interested to see how they worked with high gain directional
antennas.  With the proper antennas you could pick up some penetration,
help pick through noise and change polarities.  Anybody used the Meraki
boxes this way?

Please follow my train of thought for a second. When using directional antennas, then a bit of aiming is required right?. But the benefits are as you say. Now such antennas need to be mounted right? So this is a "fixed wireless mesh" we are talking here, not a mobile mesh with antennas in motion. What makes this possible is "multiple radio systems" (3, 4, even 5 radios). So given all this, how would Meraki provide anything that say Mikrotik couldn't do? Choose paths? There isn't much to choose when using directional antennas on each end (PtP) You know what's there already, one radio, the other end of the link. So it is just a matter of switching interfaces to a second interface when the best interface goes down (if ever). OSPF is pretty good at that. Not arguing, just curious about all that. Also I'm brainstorming possible configurations with an omni on one end and a directional on the other. I need a couple of good cheap directional 900MHz antennas for some testing. I have two omni's already and wasn't too impressed going omni to omni. Signal started to drop off after about a quarter mile or so, and that isn't going to cut it.



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