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LEESBURG, VA (October 8, 2007) – Marty Dougherty, CEO of Roadstar Internet,
the area’s largest Independently-owned Wireless Broadband Internet provider,
announced today the company has successfully completed field trials of its
new INET Loudoun™ service. He said that Roadstar began full-scale deployment
of the wireless-fiber network recently and customers may now sign up for
service in its OnNet™ designated buildings.
Dougherty said Roadstar plans to connect hundreds of buildings to the INET
Loudoun network within the next 18-24 months. 

John Wood, CEO of Loudoun County based Telos Corporation, one of the first
INET Loudoun trial sites, said, “Rather than calling it ‘INet Loudoun,’ I
think a better name … is ‘Rocket ship Loudoun.’”
INET Loudoun service shatters all previous boundaries businesses faced
obtaining “real” broadband connections. The new service offers ultra
high-speed symmetrical connections for commercial, institutional and
government use, Dougherty said. Roadstar's INET Loudoun offers "fiber like"
connection speeds to these users hard-pressed to find any type of high
capacity broadband connection options – much less at a reasonable price.
Dougherty predicts that’s INET Loudoun service will radically change the
playing field once dominated by wire-based providers. With today’s
announcement, Roadstar is offering INET Loudoun services that rival direct
fiber links at T1 pricing levels.
At the core of the INET Loudoun service offering is the latest in broadband
wireless technology. Using GigE 80 Ghz licensed millimeter wave RF
technology from Bridgewave Communications, Roadstar is now able to build
multiple gigabit backbone network pipes–“wireless fiber”–which provide
fiber-like connectivity speeds, but with the inherent cost and flexibility
only available from wireless.
Deploying wireless fiber means Roadstar’s INET Loudoun network will be build
out in a fraction of the time it would take to construct a similar
terrestrial-based fiber network. No digging or endless waits for permits and
construction; in many cases customers can go from conception to online
within days instead of weeks or months.
Roadstar is one of the first ISP's in the nation to deploy GigE millimeter
wave technology licensed by the Federal Communications Commission into the
core of its network. Because of this, Loudoun businesses will be among the
first in the nation to enjoy the results- high capacity connections for
their business at reasonable prices.
Since the company’s beginnings in 2003, Roadstar Internet’s engineering
staff has constantly researched and tested new equipment to determine the
best use of available licensed and unlicensed equipment and spectrum to
deliver dependable high capacity broadband to its customers. 
Roadstar also unveiled a new Web site at and
Dougherty said complete pricing information for all services could be found
Additional information about Roadstar or the INET Loudoun Network is
available at the company Web site at or contact
David Hughes, Director of Communications, at 703-234-9969
Limited tours may be available of the new facilities.

Roadstar Internet/INET Loudoun Fact Sheet
What is different about Roadstar’s INET and all the other wireless services
we hear about?
•       Today, several wireless providers such as Roadstar Internet can
provide users with T1-level service. There are more services coming, and the
soon to be auctioned 700 MHz airwaves may bring additional providers for
residential users. 
•       INET Loudoun service is radically different because it focuses on
the needs of heavy users and businesses needing very dependable, high
quality high capacity broadband connections. Company CEO Marty Dougherty
said that by utilizing this technology, Roadstar can  provide a T1 like
service for significantly less expense then a standard wired T1 (1.5Meg)
from an alternative provider. “What we are really excited about is being
able to offer you a 10-50 meg connection over the same network,” he said.
•       These lower costs mean the difference for a business considering
whether to stay in or relocate into Loudoun County. For many high tech
companies, a broadband internet connection is mission critical to DELIVERING
their product to the marketplace.
•       INET Loudoun connected buildings will be the place to locate!
What exactly is an “OnNet” Building and why would a business want to locate
•       If a building or complex is designated as being “OnNet”, business
owners know in advance that the location already has the infrastructure in
place to get them online in a very short time – sometimes 24 hours or less.
Plus, an OnNet certified building tenant has access to ultra high speed
connections ¬– up to 1Gig – if needed. 

How is Roadstar able to offer this service? What vendor’s equipment is being
deployed into the network? 
Roadstar has teamed with the state-of-the-art equipment vendors such as
Bridgewave Communications and Alvarion to provide the building blocks of the
Robust and redundant connectivity are keystones of the INET Loudoun Network.
Two of the nation’s top-rated collocation facilities–Savvis and Equinix¬–
are located in Loudoun and are already connected to the INET Loudoun
network, allowing the company to meet today’s needs. These robust
connections to the Internet effortlessly accommodate the dramatically
increasing bit-rate demands of tomorrow’s applications. This is a critical
need for Loudoun County’s business because of the continuing population
growth and the county’s desire to locate high-paying, technology-driven jobs
close to the new residents.

When will my building be connected to INET Loudoun?
Roadstar has an aggressive build out schedule which focuses most of the
initial effort on the business centers of the county. Leesburg, Sterling,
Ashburn and the Dulles corridors are slated to be connected first, with
other areas coming online as the demand dictates.

For more information contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] or 888-21-RSTAR for
specific information about availability at your location.


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** Join us at the WISPA Reception at 6:30 PM on October the 16th 2007 at ISPCON 
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