Hello all,

I am in the need of upgrading some backhauls. We are currently using
Alvarion AUVL units with a SU-54-BD. According to Alvarion, this link is
only capable of 16mbit each way (Alvarion, please call it a 32mbit radio.)
We have looked into results on users who use Alvarion B100, Trango Link
45, etc..

We are open to all options...As long is it works very well. The link is
about 3 miles, but we have another link that is causing the need for the
upgrade that is about 20 miles.

Trango has licensed gear in the 6ghz and 18ghz line that is very
impressive, but just too expensive for us right now.

I would like to know if people are using B100 what is the up/down max
throughput that you have seen? 50/50? etc.. Are you running VoIP over
this? Alvarion claims 1000 concurrent calls over this link, i'm sure many
of you have not even dented this number.

I am growing to be a big fan of Trango, but have been well, but their
packet per seconds is a lot less than Alvarion B gear at almost 40,000
compared to trango at around 10,000.


I man in dire need of a lot of bandwidth, distance and no spectrum to put


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