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I'm looking for input on a good 802.11 AP to use for public hotspots. These hotspots will be free to use for web browsing in restaurants. Looking for something simple and inexpensive that just works. Don't want to have to worry about rebooting the thing every few weeks when it locks up. I also don't need any fancy captive portal pages or logins, but some sort of feature to block MAC addresses that stay registered over a certain period of time would be nice- it would be good to discourage constant freeloading by nearby residents or businesses. Ideas?

Mikrotik can do this. Not sure what you mean by "inexpensive", but you can get a RB133 with a radio card, indoor case and power supply for about $150ish. You can use the trial user feature of the hotspot to allow no more than a predetermined amount of time per day.

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