My Windows XP Pro gives the MAC address of a duplicate ip address. It does
not just "pop up" in a bubble on the desk top - - you have to look in the
event viewer, but the info is there.






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Scott Lambert wrote: 

On Tue, Dec 11, 2007 at 08:21:37AM -0800, Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181

Here's an example from yesterday.  My new laptop is Vista (the old one has 
a concrete floor induced broken screen).  There is a device somewhere on my 
network that is answering arp requests incorrectly.  No matter what IP addy 
I put on the Vista machine (or osx for that matter) it shows an IP address 
conflict and resorts to a 169.x.x.x IP addy.
Any OS other than osx or Vista (both MS products these days) works just 
fine.  So I have a brand new laptop that won't work here and I'm gonna have 
to waste who knows how much time tracing down a device, and spend money 
replacing it, that is otherwise working just fine.

As much as I dislike Windows, you can't really blame that issue on
Windows.  You have to blame that one on the bogus hardware which is
breaking arp...

I had that issue one time, but I was lucky enough to have a sub with a MAC
to help me fix it.  Everytime he put his mac online it gave an ip conflict
no matter what IP was used.  The good thing about the mac was it gave the
mac addy of the device that was the conflict.  When I plugged my IBM laptop
in everything was fine, no ip conflict.  Anyway, I looked up the mac addy
and went to the customer.  Even though it showed the mac addy of the
antenna, it was a $5 gigafast switch that was the problem.  I dropped it in
the trash, installed a 3com and was good to go.  
So, go borrow a MAC and it will help you fix this.



like Quicken these days.  I'd pay MORE for a program that just balanced my 
checkbook and gave me some nice reports.  I'm sick and tired of everyone 
trying to force services and other crap down my throat.

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