I heard 15 or 16 people were at the hospital.


A shotgun-wielding gunman who shot and injured at least five students in Cole 
Hall shortly after 3 p.m. has been killed, police say.

"The gunman is deceased," said Lt. Gary Spangler of the DeKalb Police 
Department, adding that the "majority of the incident happened in Cole Hall."

As of 3:30 p.m., at least three students were being tended to in vestibule of 
Neptune Central.

Outside Cole Hall, on the sidewalk, two more students were covered in blankets 
and being tended to by police officers and fellow students.

As this was happening, at least three students were wheeled on stretchers to 
ambulances parked in the DuSable Hall bus turnaround.

George Gaynor, a senior geography student, who was in the class when the 
shooting happened, said the shooter was "a skinny white guy with a stocking cap 

He described the scene immediately following the incident as terrifying and 

"Some girl got hit in the eye, a guy got hit in the leg," Gaynor said outside 
just minutes after the shooting occurred. "It was like five minutes before 
class ended too."

University Police, DeKalb Police and other neighboring agencies are locking 
down campus, including a large portion of Lucinda Avenue completely closed down 
to traffic.

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