Good point.  Can you give an estimate of what you think it would cost?  
Anyone else out there interested enough in the feature to put a "bounty" 
on it, so a bunch of us can pitch in, Butch can get paid, and it can be 
released to the community?

Personally, I do not use mikrotik for wireless (yet) but would be 
willing to pitch in.


Butch Evans wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Feb 2008, Randy Cosby wrote:
>> Not having played with scripting much, is this something that could 
>> be scripted?
> Hmm...I'll play with this a bit.  Of course, as a consultant, 
> whether the result of the work will turn out to be "free" is a 
> function of how much time it takes to develop, if it can even be 
> done.  I am fairly confident that it can be done (sort of).

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