Hi Cameron,

Give me a call tomorrow at the office and we'll diag this together.


At 10:03 AM 2/25/2008, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>I have a couple dozen of B14 and/or B28 units currently in service. We
>deployed a new 5.8 B28 set for a 24 Mile link. When installed it was
>great. Strong signal around 29+ SNR on either end.
>We are using 29dbi (2 foot) dish Pac Wireless on either end with ATPC
>turned on. Recently, we have had problem with the link randomly going
>up/down. Odd, we have checked everything multiple times, we have
>replaced indoor/outdoor units on either end trying to rule them out,
>same result. Replaced Feedhorns/Cable same results. Sometimes the link
>runs for 6 days without a hitch and other barely makes it 2 hours (very
>random). At this point, we think it is somewhere in configuration, but
>from what I can tell, they are basically a mirror to the 2 dozen other
>units we are using. We have ruled out interference at either site with
>many spec scans. Does anybody have any thoughts on why this may be
>Thank You,
>Cameron Kilton
>Broadband Department
>Assistant Systems Administrator
>Midcoast Internet Solutions
>(207)594-8277 ext. 108

Mike Cowan
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