As far as vendors go, I've seen the same thing on our end, I'm pretty 
sure none of our CPE supports it as of yet, the only thing that does is 
our routers. I would like to say that Imagestream has been great as far 
as getting us updated with IPv6 tools,  their engineers are working on 
quite a few exciting things that I think are going to help the migration 
of IPv6 into our network.

We just got our allocation last Friday, I think out of all of our 
upstreams, only 2 do IPv6 on their own backbone. And honestly I'm a bit 
worried to contact one of them..  they're going to want to charge us for it.


Bryan Scott wrote:
> Anthony R. Mattke wrote:
>> Someone posted some questions about a year ago about IPv6 and most of us 
>> looked at it and said yeah, some day.. but for a lot of us IPv6 is our 
>> next step.....
>>   What about IPv6->IPv6 gateways/6to4 tunnels? Anyone configure one on 
> their network yet?
> I've done this at home with one of my Linux boxes and it works great on 
> Linux and OS X.  That's as far as I got.
>> There are a lot of questions for anything thinking about IPv6 
>> integration / migration, and I'd like to discuss some of the options as 
>> far as moving forward with IPv6 deployment with anyone that is interested.
> We went to an ARIN IPv6 meeting, and even got our initial IPv6 
> allocation.  The biggest problem pointed out by the DOD presenter was 
> that nobody's eating their own dog food.  All the vendors are making 
> IPv6 "compliant" gear, but it doesn't cooperate well (he cited various 
> issues in their testing).
> That leads to the second problem, which is since nothing works, nobody 
> deploys.  Without anybody deploying, nothing gets tested so that it 
> works.  A big chicken-and-egg problem...
> After getting our deployment, I asked our (big name) upstream providers 
> about setting up concurrent IPv6 peering or tunneling, whichever would 
> work.  They were reluctant and said they weren't really ready or 
> couldn't do it.
> -- Bryan
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