This all goes back to what the public perceives they are getting or should
be getting. None of the average users will ever know the real cost of
bandwidth while every broadband  company advertises burst speeds and not
sustained speeds. We are dealing now with public reading just the bold print
and price. When they are bombarded with this from everyone they start to
think it is their god given right to have this and at the amount they
"think" it should be. Broadband technology is part of the masses now. The
masses will start to dictate how this works out because the big operators
will start to buckle to the perceptions of the customer, to keep from
getting a bad name. When one starts it, the competitors follow. The big guys
can afford to do this and will cause the small operators headaches because
of this shift. So goes the cycle....... Remember the days of cellular usage
and we paid for every minute, who would have thought 15 years later we could
pay just one price for unlimited airtime, or for that matter unlimited long
distance. Start preparing for this shift in broadband now before you get
forced to do it. Society will start to demand it and some operators will
deliver, supply and demand.....

Thank You,
Brian Webster

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  ISPs hog rights in fine print

  NEW YORK - What's scary, funny and boring at the same time? It could
be a bad horror movie. Or it could be the fine print on your Internet
service provider's contract.

Those documents you agree to — usually without reading — ostensibly
allow your ISP to watch how you use the Internet, read your e-mail or
keep you from visiting sites it deems inappropriate. Some reserve the
right to block traffic and, for any reason, cut off a service that many
users now find essential.

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