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> If you need someone to help you should tell us what the application is and
> where you need help. There are plenty of good people here who can help you
> once the requirements are more well defined..
> John Scrivner


One of the areas I'm now looking at is municipality WiFi implementations, as
well as 4.9 public safety networks for, say, police and fire department.
Now I'm primarily looking at the mesh players (e.g. BelAir, Firetide,
SkyPilot, MeshDynamic, Cisco) and am looking for info on what works (and
doesn't work) on each one.

I'm particularly interested in the "single radio" vs "multi radio" benefits
/ disadvantages.  I come from an IP background, so this new RF stuff is
difficult to me, and the only way I can really make sense of it all is to
sometimes translate it to hub/switch design, which sometimes gets you along
initially, but usually that analogy breaks down eventually...

I didn't make this a specific question, as I'm more interested in getting a
general idea of the landscape and players in that landscape. I'm still
getting used to the RF alphabet soup.  Any pointers you guys could give me
to help with that would be greatly appreciated!

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