We have the following equipment available for shipment:

Tsunami 45m full duplex radio 301-27710-1A1/301-27710-1A2 (5.7/5.8g)

Tsunami 100m full duplex radio 301-27720-1A1/301-27720-1A2 (5.3/5.8g)

Multiple Enterasys SSR8 with controller boards and fast ethernet cards

Multiple Enterasys SSR16 with controller boards, fast Ethernet and HSSI

Multiple Enterasys ANG1105 and ANG1100

The Tsunami radios were removed from service recently as we needed 
higher bandwidth backhauls. Radios do NOT come with antennas.

If interested in any of the above, please contact us off-list at 
703-787-7700 x6130 or via e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
<mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for particular details and quantity available.

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