On Mon, 19 May 2008, Mike Hammett wrote:

>"Version 1 of the WISPA standard accepts that you, the ISP, cannot 
>do anything about this issue."

>That's a good thing I use Mikrotik everywhere.  You don't have to 
>worry about that, full capabilities everywhere.

The "NAT Exemption" is very specific.  You can download the standard 
itself (very dry reading for non-developers) from here: 

You will find the exemption in section 4.1.3 under requirement R-50 
(and partly in R-40).

Coming very soon, at the same link, will be a way to get the 
Implementation Guide (it is not free to the general public, but is 
included for free for paid members of WISPA).  This guide will 
detail some of the concerns you, as an operator, should consider as 
part of your network design choices.

>"Version 2 of the WISPA standard says that you've had enough time 
>to deal with the issue."
>What does this mean?

The primary difference in the 2 standards is that Version 2 does not 
include the exemption listed above.  The statement above means that:

1. Your particular vendor of choice has included support for the 
2. Your network has been redesigned in such a way that it is now 
compliant - in other words, the portion of your network that was not 
fully compliant and needed the exemption, is now compliant

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