I know that a certain number of us ARE going to build a network for the sole 
purpose of suckering...errr, selling it to someone else.

Now, I have severe ethical disagreements with this notion.   It reminds me 
of "flipping houses" or "speculative oil investing", perhaps?

Now, to build a business SOLELY for the purpose of selling for a huge chunk 
of money to someone larger, of planned consolidation seems self-defeating. 
yes, you might profit, but wha have you really done productively?

Still, there are many of us who are NOT intending to "build to sell". 
We're not in the business of flipping customers to someone else.   In that 
case, overspending for the return on your dollar makes little sense.  I'm 
not sure if ANY hardware platform makes sense in this industry.   If we run 
the numbers, does it actually havea positive return?   I suspect not.

Still, for those of us who aer NOT in the business of polishing up a turd to 
sell to someone else ( You have no idea how long I've waited to use that 
term, since I read it a few years ago!),  the investment and prices don't 
make any real sense...

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  A number of WISPS are moving to this platform as they find that
> the higher end equipment is worth more on a buyout.
> Lets put it this way.  If you have a network to sell, how much more do you
> think you will get if you have Cisco instead of Mikrotik?  Nothing against
> them, but the quality of your infrastructure is heavily weighed during a
> buyout.  If you don't agree, check the many spam's on this and other lists
> from the guys buying networks.  Some won't even look at you if you don't
> have Canopy or better equipment.

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