This is an excerpt from a comment filed by a state representative from 

"As a state policy-maker attempting to develop incentives that will induce 
providers (particularly the larger DSL and cable companies) to use multiple 
to reach beyond city limits, FCC data providing greater specificity about 
which potential
customers are adversely impacted by the digital divide and left without a 
viable option
for service would be invaluable."

That ought to turn your stomach into knots.

Let me interpret it...

"We want detailed data, so we can help,cajole, coerce, or bribe the big guys 
into universal coverage".

This is not a question of the FCC determining how broadband is being 

This is a matter of us being required to provide the data so that public 
money can be used to benefit the politically connected.

My comments to the FCC...

As a small businessman, one of the ways that we exist, is by being flexible 
and by offering services in an ad-hoc basis that larger,
inflexible entities don't.   Often, small businesses are purely based upon 
market need.   Individuals find a need and fill it.  And we
do so in our own town, or neighborhood, or in the areas near where we live.

One of the most critical efforts that small business people undertake, is to 
determine if there's a large enough market for what they
want to do.   Often, little funding is available for this, and they 
substitute days, weeks, or even months of time and personal effort
instead of hiring research companies or marketing consultants, or buying the 
data outright.

In the case of a wireless ISP, for instance, one of the most critical 
elements for success, is to map out an area, and then begin
"building out" a network.  Many such WISP's are one or two man operations, 
and start with minimal capital, usually enough to get
started and operate in a limited area for a short period of time.   Then, 
funding from operations then provides capital for expansion
and improvement of infrastructure.

During this phase of the life of a WISP, the financial situation is 
generally very fragile, and a loss of markets to move into will
generally cause business failure.

If WISP's are required to do even MORE work, such as finding census borders 
and maintaining massive and detailed databases of location
etc, and the purpose of that work is to give free assistance to competitors 
to show them where to take your markets away from you, this
effort is 100% counterproductive.   Not only do the results hurt you, but 
the time it takes away from a small businessman often comes
at the expense of operations, expansion, or even quality of service.

Perhaps people who sit behind desks in Washington DC don't care about 
anything but press releases where they get to praise themselves
and get lauded on TV, but for those of us who risk our life's savings and 
often years of our lives building a business by
bootstrap have a LOT more at stake than a transitory and soon forgotten 
political posture by some appointed or hired public employee.

So, as a small businessman, I cannot state how incredibly wrong ALL of this 
is, and that IN NO WAY should the FCC be in the business of
 deliberating wasting the time, money, and resources of small business 
people solely for the purpose of harming their future.

So, in closing, I state for the record, there is no good aspect the 
collection of detailed information.  It is not and has never been
the business of Congress or the FCC to provide broadband.  That's being done 
by thousands of hard working people who have risked
everything they have to try to make it happen.  It seems worse than 
Machiavellian, then, for the FCC to demand that these people then
waste thier time, money, and energy, in an effort where the only result 
possible, is to harm them.

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> I'm going to ask that we oppose this in its entirety, due to it giving 
> away
> information we really don't need given away.
> Whatever your take... please file. ... something.

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