>> Right. Madwifi  ( http://madwifi.org/ ) is pretty good but having
>> trouble keeping up with new Atheros models.
> MadWiFi is a sort of reverse engineering.    Atheros knows how the chipsets 
> work and you can buy the documentation, raw code, the secrets of the HAL, 
> everything, by licensing. 

Certainly. You are correct it's reverse engineering, and having access 
to the engineering data would result
in a better product.

>   You also have to agree to certain levels of 
> confidentiality, etc.    This is why MADWIFI isn't "official" Atheros code, 
> why the HAL for open source doesn't actually belong to Atheros.

Of course. :)

>   Last I 
> knew, the cost of this was around $25K + the lawyers fees, etc...  But this 
> strict arm's length development of MADWIFI is part of the reason why it 
> performs so poorly...

Hmmmm.... define poor performance? As compared to what?

Also 25k is very cheap.... many IP cores sell for over a million 
dollars.  Naturally that's relative haha. :)

> The people with the access to the engineering information CAN build almost 
> anything they want, since the Atheros radios are actually software defined.

Ah.... now you have my attention even more... I have been getting into 
SDR recently:

GNURadio http://www.gnu.org/software/gnuradio/doc/exploring-gnuradio.html

Obviously serious assembly required.
> Once you get into the core of how it works, you have the ability to build a 
> whole new original MAC, sort of.


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