We tested with and subsequently signed on with VoX early this year.
Excellent white label service.  Call quality is consistently excellent, no
issues with dropped calls, great pricing ( they offer a WISPA members
discount).  You can be up and running with them in about 30 days.

However, they do not offer a billing solution, but they do provide an FTP
site that can be swept by a billing server for call and account records.  '

With respect to the number of lines, we are at a very low number because we
made a poor choice concerning our billing.  We purchased ImageStream routers
with the intent of running a very popular wireless billing/BMU that they
consider a "technology partner".  I spoke at length with the software
company, let's call them PC, back in November/December.  At the time I was
assured they could integrate any VoIP service into their billing.  So I
signed on with them on December 11, 2007.  As of yesterday I was told they
can't be bothered to complete the integration with VoX because VoX will not
"partner" with them.

Translation, they want to bill us for VoIP services as they are doing now
with a few others.  

Somewhere along the way, PC went from being a software company to wanting to
be a VoIP reseller and dictate terms to the industry as to who we should be
using.  I can't even begin to calculate how much revenue we lost in this
debacle, but I make the decisions as to who I choose to use as a vendor, not
another vendor.

We are currently bringing this to an end with what so far appears to be a
very knowledgeable billing company that feels they can have this done in
just a few weeks, including integration with a BMU.

The team at VoX told me months ago I was being strung along by PC, but I
stuck it out based on their reputation, and felt they would meet their
commitment.  Of course I felt I had no choice due to the tie in with the
ImageStream routers.  

I know this integration was discussed a short time ago on this list and
there was some concern about all this integration that it would start to
limit the choices for WISP operators.  I believe this is a perfect example.

Joe Fiero

NuTel Broadband Corporation
Carson City, Nevada

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Anyone care to give some pithy comments on white label voip product

Who did you choose? How many customers do you have? How are you billing?

John M. McDowell
Boonlink Communications
307 Grand Ave NW
Fort Payne, AL 35967

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