I have referred your complaint to the Board list for a proper 
evaluation. I expect that the Board will post a response either 
affirming the policy that I quoted below or else clarifying it .


Butch Evans wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Aug 2008, Jack Unger wrote:
>> I'm copying and pasting the text from a June 17, 2008 email that 
>> states WISPA's current policy regarding Press Releases. To help set 
>> your mind at ease, the Link Technologies Press Release DID go 
>> through the proper channels. The fact that the Press Release is 
>> posted on the WISPA website is a reliable indicator that a Press 
>> Release has in fact gone through the proper channels. If you have 
>> further questions, I'd suggest addressing them directly to the 
> This sounds good to me...perhaps I don't even need to pay for vendor 
> membership to get my advertising allotments for wispa.  I can just 
> post a press release and not have to pay more than the $100 
> associate membership.  This looks a lot like "insider trading" to 
> me.

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