For what it's worth, here are three strategies one might use on the 
BelAir BA100/BA200 hardware that helps deal with with the crap broadcast 
traffic that might otherwise kill your network.

(1) secure port mode

/interface/wifi-<n>-1/setssid<ssid_index> secure-port enabled

once enabled, prevents wireless clients associated
with different APs from communicating with each other

(2) wireless bridging

/interface/wifi-<n>-1/setssid<ssid_index> wireless-bridge disabled

once disabled, wireless clients on an AP cannot
talk to other wireless clients on that same AP (they can only go OUT to
the Internet).

(3) VLAN stuff properly by assigning (at least) two SSID to every AP, 
one hidden and one visible.


On whatever arbitrary groups of hidden ones, assign a unique VLAN ID tag.

AP1-AP5: MuniWifi (hidden) - VLAN 1
AP6-AP10: MuniWifi (hidden) - VLAN 2

And on *all* the visible roaming ones, assign ONE VLAN tag.

AP1-AP10: MuniWifi-Roaming (displayed) - VLAN 3

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