The first gen Tranzeos were not so good.... At all.

The 902 serieis.. Much better. 900 can be voodoo though. I consider it and a 18 
db yagi the last chance for desperate customers.


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I think this number is going to fluctuate a lot depending on a number of 

1. Frequencies available - we typically only use 5.8 or 2.3 (MMDS).  Not 
good for NLOS installations.  I'm looking into 900 for some areas to get 
around this problem..

2. Topography.  Big flat areas with mountains surrounding them will be 
easier to hit with high-up towers.  Crazy southwest desert outcroppings, 
  cinder cones, canyons, etc. make it difficult here.

3. Vegetation - palms vs pine trees

4. Area covered / density.  Chuck and Travis have HUGE areas.  I'm 
impressed with how much they do cover.

I do agree that "nogo" numbers are something we need to study more 
closely and try to improve upon.  Some great ideas here (google mapping 
nogos, etc.)

Doing coverage maps with Radio Mobile and Google Maps / Earth is not 
really hard.  We use those extensively.  I'll try to write something up 


RickG wrote:
> About 35%. You cant get them all. What do you think an acceptable
> number would be?
> -RickG
> On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 11:30 PM, Travis Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Along a different line... What is everyone's percentage on NOGO's
>> (that's what we call people we try to install and can't get a good
>> enough signal)? Ours was quite a bit higher than I thought when I looked
>> a few days ago... Out of 1,500+ completed installs during the last 12
>> months, we had 208 people we couldn't install successfully. If we only
>> had more time to find more tower locations... :(
>> Travis
>> Microserv
>> Chuck McCown - 3 wrote:
>>> We always assume we will get a signal.  We are rarely wrong.
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>>>   So there are people that don't roll a truck because some software says 
>>> you may not be able t

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