Brian, I want to personally thank you for your input in this
organization.  This tool you provided is a gift to WISP's that you could
have easily kept to yourself.  In this cut throat industry there are
many types of people trying to make a buck (as are you).  It is great to
see someone go out of his way to help others understand what might be in
their future. 

Thank you for being an advocate for WISPA.

Steve Barnes
Executive Manager
RCWiFi Wireless Internet Service

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spectrumavailable in your area.

Ok, so the static image maps I have been creating do not show an
accurate picture channel by channel of the available white space
spectrum. I decided that I would create a tool that all WISP's could use
right now and get a good idea of how their own markets may be affected
by white space spectrum being released. I used my GIS tools to create
data layers channel by channel. From that I exported the results to a
Google Earth file. (It's a large one, sorry the file size is large for
list distribution, I compressed it as much as possible)

Here is how you can use this. Open the file in Google Earth and you will
see the folders specified by TV channel number. Zoom to your area of
Click on a channel and see if any contours show up in you desired
coverage area. If they don't great, but you still need to check adjacent
You would do this by checking the boxes for the channel above and below
the one you want to use. If no contours from those channels touch your
desired area, you have a clean channel for potential use. This will all
depend of course on how the final FCC rules are developed.


This mapping data was current as of 7-28-08 and only shows what I could
best determine as digital channels. This is my best guess as to what
will be on the air after the February 2009 cutover date and is by no
means the final word. Things could change between now and then and some
of these contours could change. This also does not show any current
analog stations. There are some provisions for low power and translator
stations to stay on the air in analog form and/or move channels after
the cutover. This is pretty accurate but I'm not a Broadcast industry
expert. Some of the digital stations might be temporary or for testing.
I haven't had the time to look in to all the codes from the FCC database
to weed that type of stuff out.

You can download a free version of Google Earth at

Thank You,
Brian Webster

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