Thank you for the postings Rick.

Let me just add that without Steve Coran's dedication to our cause and 
his willingness to work seemingly endless hours we would not be where we 
are today - we would not even be close. Steve's ability to give 120% (or 
more) far exceeded my expectations.

There are many other people who stepped up to the plate to help during 
the last two weeks - especially FCC Committee members Brian Webster, 
John Scrivner, Tom DeReggi, Dan Lubar, Marlon Schaffer and Steve Lane.

I also want to thank our WISPA members who support our efforts through 
their membership dues. Without your support we obviously would not have 
had this chance to support you in these FCC proceedings.

Our series of four filings (going back to the original verbal 
presentation from our FCC trip in July) makes a strong case for our 
"common-ground" licensed-lite White Spaces position. Whatever the FCC 
decides tomorrow, we'll always know that we made our best effort to 
maximize the WISP industry's chances of survival into the future.

Our job is not finished. Unless the FCC gives us everything that we 
asked for (which it probably will not) it is likely that we will need to 
follow up by continuing our discussions with the FCC as well as with the 
other wireless interest groups involved.

Going forward, we need to stay united, to stay involved and to keep 
inventing and building the future of the WISP industry.


Rick Harnish wrote:
> Thanks to Jack Unger and Steve Coran who sent two more Ex Parte 
> Letters to the FCC last week. They are both posted on the WISPA website.
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> 3^rd Ex Parte Letter <>
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