I think its worthy to note several things...

1) Broadband is only one of the many issues the FCC regulates, and may not 
be the core reason a commissioner is chosen.

2) The term, "Telecom", can mean all or any of CLEC, ILEC, BabyBell.  Its 
relevent to understand which telecom interests that Rivera represented, to 
understand who he is. Anyone know more about which?

3) Some of the biggest Wireless supporters (the current and last 
commissioners) were also the biggest Monopoly RBOC supporters.  So what is 
best for Wireless providers is not necessary what is best for all other 
Internet competitive issues.

There has been a huge amount of negative critism on the last two 
commissioners over their terms, in the area of undoing the Telecom Act of 
1996. But it should be well noted, Martin was the LARGEST supporter to give 
TV Whitespaces back to "the people".  Licensed-Lite or Unlicensed, either 
way, its to WISP's interests, as "Back to the People".

What will be interesting is whether Rivera's position on "fairness 
doctrine", will translate to small business ownership of the PIPE, to 
equalize control of the Internet "media". Government controlling versus 
Government reglulations to empower under provellenged third parties, both 
accomplish the same goal, the second without the "big brother" mentality and 
without risking the larger powers turning Broadband into the world 
controlled by a handful of "Kings".

Regardless of what political view one might have, this current presidential 
Election will nodoubt bring "change."  Only time will tell whether this 
change will be for the better or worse.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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> The word on the streets is that the new FCC chairman is one Henry Rivera.
> He is a former FCC commissioner, who has been a telco lobbyist since 2001.
> The grist mill says he was chosen so he can push the FCC back into 
> enforcing
> "the fairness doctrine", which is federal control over broadcast political
> content.
> I can't say for sure abuot the rumor, however, he was at the FCC when that
> particular rule was thrown out, and opposed it going away.
> I have no idea what this means for us, except that he's definitely an
> activist type of person - the kind who believes in centralized 
> governmental
> control of business.  He is said to subcribe to "telecommunications policy
> is a civil rights issue", which means that the FCC should be active in
> controlling content and ownership of the media to meet specific political
> goals of minority ownership, among other things, and considers an array of
> subjects to be a matter of a legal right of groups to have media 
> ownership.
> For instance, if a racial minority group says that stations don't play the
> music they want to hear, they should be given ownership of a broadcast
> license by revoking the license of those they complain against and
> transferring it.  This particular type of action did occur, and lawsuits
> eventually led to the FCC abandoning that idea in the 80's.
> Exactly what or how that impacts ISP's...  Well, it's hard to say with
> certainty, but he's definitely a believer in big brother directing what 
> what
> business is doing.   In fact, he resigned from the FCC in the mid 80's 
> when
> his fellow commisioners abandoned the activist approach to media content
> control.  Since his resignation Rivera has not been noted for anything
> except lobbying about broadcasting and legal work for telecoms.   I could
> find no information about his actions or views concerning internet - 
> however
> many now consider it a broadcast medium - no idea if that's his thoughts.
> There has been no announcement of what you know who has for goals as far 
> as
> media and communication are concerned, but it is possible that your 
> service
> could be redefined as a "right" or be subject to arm-twisting for "public
> goals".  The operative thinking behind those who consider Rivera an ally 
> is
> that free enteprise will not serve the needs of the nation.  I haven't 
> found
> much from him to know if that's his thoughts or not.
> As to how it changes the faces at the FCC, Robert McDowell's term ends in
> 2009 and is likely the first face to change of the commissioners.
> Welcome to the world of "big business".
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>>I will bring this back on topic by bringing up the FCC seats that will
>> change with the new administration.  Does anyone have any thoughts on
>> who will get appointed to the FCC and what effect it will have on us?
>>    Sam Tetherow
>>    Sandhills Wireless
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