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>In a contract, there is offer, acceptance, consideration and 
>performance. Consideration doesn't have to be monetary. If the 
>Sheriff paid $1000/month for transport and charged $1000/month for 
>rent, it wouldn't change anything. Each side is getting something 
>of value.  Transport, rent, dollars, it is all consideration.

We've done this with some of the networks that were built for the 
mobility solutions I've deployed.  The local ISP is handling the 
maintenance of the network for a $1500 or so monthly fee and they 
are paying a $1500/month access fee for the use of the network. The 
city/county governments will allow other ISPs on the network for the 
same $1500/month access fee given the same limitations the existing 
ISP lives with.  Others have set the mantenance/rental so high it 
will NEVER make it feasible for other ISPs to rent access.  Maybe 
not a "fair" business practice, but it is a smart one.

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