What if your competitor isn't GPS sync'd? Or what if they want to do 
80/20 on the down/uplink and we want to do 50/50?


Chuck McCown - 3 wrote:
> The very best reason to use canopy is because the competitors are using it.  
> It can peacefully coexist with other systems due to gps sync.  We are in very 
> tight quarters with a fierce competitor in one very small market.  But we 
> never cause each other technical grief.
> What other product can give my customers 20.2 Mbps (including guaranteed 7 mS 
> latency with 130 subs on an AP?) for $70/sub?
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>   From: Travis Johnson 
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>   Subject: Re: [WISPA] WiMax delays?
>   Chuck,
>   We don't use Canopy just because my competitors are using it. And really, 
> any more, the customer doesn't care HOW the bandwidth gets delivered. So why 
> not use a product that can deliver twice the bandwidth for 1/3 the price? ;)
>   Travis
>   Microserv
>   Chuck McCown - 3 wrote: 
> If you hang out over at [EMAIL PROTECTED] you will find more than a hundred 
> WISPs, many of them very small operations from 100-1000 subscribers that are 
> 100% canopy.  And generally speaking they are kicking butt and taking names 
> in their markets.  I disagree that Canopy is not marketed to the smaller 
> WISPS.  It costs a little more to deploy but you earn it back with a fixed 
> guaranteed latency, high priority for voip, 10 mbps burst and many other 
> features that keep the customer happy and retained.  Come to AF09 and see 
> how Motorola markets to the smaller WISPS.  Moreover their new 430 line 
> delivers better performance for the price than Redline or Alvarion.  And 
> they are still innovating.
> While I will admit I have a vested interest in seeing Canopy continue to 
> have legs, I don't think my opinions are unfounded.
> It is funny how the Canopy product line is so polarizing in this industry. 
> I picked it entirely by chance.  It was either Canopy or Proxim.  I am glad 
> I picked what I picked.  Many others picked Trango.  They are able to make 
> it work and earn money.  I know of some folks that abandoned Trango for 
> Canopy.  Don't personally know anyone who went the other way but I am sure 
> that someone will educated me to that situation as soon as I press the send 
> button.
> I don't understand human psychology well enough to even begin to explain why 
> this is such a polarizing topic.  Cognitive dissonance seems to come into 
> play.
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> Subject: Re: [WISPA] WiMax delays?
>   On Mon, 24 Nov 2008, Travis Johnson wrote:
>     I don't think this is entirely true. For us, it becomes a "value"
> decision. If there was an AP that would deliver 100Mbps and could
> support 1000 subscribers, I would be willing to pay $10,000+ for it
> today. There is a real "gap" in the products that are available on
> the market:
>       I don't disagree with your assessment of the current product matrix.
> I don't even assume that ALL WISPs are "cheap".  I am not sure I
> would say that even MOST of them are cheap.  But enough of them are
> that the middle of the road products you want are missing in action.
>     Next = Mikrotik
> Next = Trango, Canopy, etc
>       Since they have fixed their wireless, I'd put MT in the same class
> as Trango and Canopy.
>     So, again, why hasn't there been an evolution of products the last
> 2-3 years? Did everyone stop normal R&D to focus on WiMax?
>       I have an opinion (which I stated in rant form) about what happened
> to the R&D.  The Canopy line (which is a very nice radio) is a good
> example.  Motorola has delivered a product that just works.  It is
> expensive compared to other products sold to the same "marketplace",
> but it is NOT expensive for what it delivers.  Better, yet, they are
> working to make a new product line that will improve upon what is
> available today.  But their primary market isn't the "normal" WISP.
> They service companies that are better funded, which typically means
> larger WISPs, cable companies and telcos.
> I really hope I didn't offend anyone with my rant.  It wasn't
> intended to do that.  I really just wish our industry as a whole
> would get out of the hole that we have dug with the "cheaper is
> better" mindframe.

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