On Fri, 5 Dec 2008, Tim Barker wrote:

>I've not run a WISP myself but I bet it's not cost effective to do 
>this using Mikrotik or Canopy. Using a plug-and-play Atheros based 
>device with a web based B/OSS brings the cost right down.

What?  You are OBVIOUSLY not understanding how to operate a 
professional system if you thing Mikrotik or Canopy isn't cost 
effective.  You system may bring down cost, but there are MANY 
things that an end user trades in to use such a system.

* You give up flexibility to use your approach.  While it is "easy 
to deploy", generally, you don't have anywhere NEAR the options for 
HOW you deploy as you do with ANY other approach.

* You give up reliability.  Because engineering choices are limited, 
you are stuck with whatever the B/OSS provides, which is usually 
designed for children and NOT network administrators.

* You are locked into a proprietary platform.  Once someone begins 
building a fixed wireless network with your system, they are locked 
into it because their billing system requires YOUR hardware.  While 
this is true to a degree with devices like Canopy and others, the 
difference is that YOUR platform is a billing system, too.  Nobody 
wants to change their billing platform just so that they can use a 
different AP.

I could go on but it's not really appropriate here.

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