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Remember that thoe public right of ways are just that... Public. Anyone can ask 
for and receive a right of way franchise or use permit. I have several county 
wide franchises that allow me (within reason and permitting) to place equipment 
in the ROW. The franchise is titled specifically 'non-exclusive'.

I also have a pole agreement that allows for pole attachments on electric 
company poles. The fcc prohibits the power company from limiting what you place 
on their poles except in the interests of safety. (we really like safe and 
healthy linemen!)


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As I weeded through the gibberish.... I did recognize one good point that he 

"We need the ability to use public rights of way and to not
have our trade restrained by local authorities who seek to ban our equipment

It would be nice to have the same rights to right-of-ways that incumbent 
utility's have.

We will always be at a disadvantage without it. Wireless on its own, does 
not get us every where that we need to get. There still has to be somewhere 
to put the radios. And as long as Real Estate Owners control that, we are 
not free to compete and grow.

Although granting Whitespace to Unlicensed, will be a HUGE step in the right 
direction, to get past many of these easement barriers to entries.

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