os10ru...@gmail.com wrote:
> I agree, those dedicated boxes are expensive and then there's the  
> annual fee as well correct?

Yeah, you'd have to keep up the Barracuda subscription on your outgoing 
filter as well, if you want to block "current" viruses and such from 
leaving your network.

> I think I'd go with Endian on a PC. Is your spam assassin running  
> native or as a virtual machine?

My copy of SpamAssassin is on a (virtualized, but that shouldn't matter) 
CentOS Linux system. I've basically disabled all the per-user stuff, and 
used a fairly relaxed scoring setup. Since it'll be silently discarding 
mail, I want to be pretty darn sure it's not discarding false-positives. 
Aside from a few edge cases, the whole thing works pretty well and only 
took me a few hours to figure out.

David Smith

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