Hi All,

I was wondering what is the best power supply/UPS that you have in your
I am talking about something that can accept from 50AC to 300AC, and
convert it to a -48DC or something like that.

I know that my request can sound strange, and everybody is wondering
"why don't you use APC/HP/whatever in your site?". The reason is that
sites are not like data centers where things are very easy...

Our national power company has the bad habit to send the wrong voltage,
therefore I was thinking to see around if there is something from
"almost any decent INPUT" can generate a DC or AC. Possibly with an
input protection from over voltage, short cut, whatever.

Obviously the more features it has, the better it is. For example if it
has smnp, remote power management (on/off, programmable, etc.) would be
nice. I think HP has this type of feature.
At the moment we are using something which is not so bad, it is
monitored (smnp) via a linux box, but we cannot reset-cycle the output
and this is a BAD thing.

Thank you in advance for your precious suggestions.


Ing. Paolo Di Francesco

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