25 or so in service

rabbtux rabbtux wrote:
How many units have you worked with so far?

On 1/25/09, Blair Davis <the...@wmwisp.net> wrote:
Use a hose clamp, instead of the included zip ties, to mount outdoors.

If network cable is longer than 150ft, use an 18VDC power supply instead of
the included 12VDC supply.

If talking to an older  'B' only AP, set the radios to 'B' only mode.

Adaptive antenna mode is not worth using.

Make sure to update units to 3.x.x firmware.  Many are still shipping with

All this is for the NS2 units.  I've never used the NS5's.

Good support, via their fourm.

Haven't had and DOA's or needed to RMA any of these yet.

rabbtux rabbtux wrote:
We are considering using these units for 2 and 5 GHz Cpe.  What is
your experience with ubiquiti support, failure rates, and any
deployment tips?  I sure like what we see in our evaluation.

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