> Glad to hear there was no damage!  Awesome news!  As for the quite
> smoking incentive, I hope it doesn't take that much for some others (me
> included).  I just have to quit liking it.  :-(
I have to give credit where credit is due. I smoked from age 16 for at least
20 years. I must have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking 20 times until I
finally gave it to God and told him he would have to take that one. You have
to be careful what you pray for though. So I asked God to take the smokes
away and help me not like them any longer but asked if he could do it with
something a little less severe than cancer. The next day when I got out of
bed I could no longer be around smoke at all. The smell made me sick to my
stomach and I would have sinus and breathing issues even being around the
smoke. I never smoked again and to this day have no cravings. For any of you
who smoke you know that is miraculous. That was a few years back. Those of
you that know me well know I am the farthest thing from a model Christian. I
guess my point is that this had to work really good for me to make these
statements. If any of you want to quit then hit me offlist and we can talk

Mac, we are glad you are well brother! (Physically anyway...the jury is
still out on your mental status!)

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