We are over halfway to our goal!  

Donations can be made by sending a check to:



P O Box 1582

Mount Vernon, IL 62864


Or via Paypal  to bill...@wispa.org.  


Please send an email to bo...@wispa.org to let us know what your pledge will
be.  Please note that we are willing to make allowances for smaller
donations over time.  We understand the tight economy and cash flows and
will make efforts as needed to accommodate your contribution payment
schedules.  Please make note of that when making your pledge.  


Previous lobbying efforts for the TV Whitespaces have been paid for out of
membership dues.  With the current urgency of the Broadband Stimulus
Lobbying Effort which is currently taking place as I write this and with
other Administrative Goals yet to be accomplished this year, we felt it
necessary to ask our membership and the industry to support this effort
through a donation fund drive.  We appreciate all who have donated thus far
and we continue to seek additional donations.


Broadband Stimulus Lobbying Fund Drive Goal is $30,000


Matt Larsen             Vistabeam                           $250

Mark Ackaway            Myakka Technologies                 $1500

George Rogato           OregonFast                          $1000

Nathan Stooke           WisperISP                           $1000

Brian Rohrbacher        Reliable Inter.net                  $500

Don Renner              NetSurfUSA                          $1000

John Scrivner           MVN.Net                             $500

Gino Villarini          Aeronet                             $1000

Mike Hammett            Intelligent Computer Solutions      $50

Charles Bender          Skynet Broadband                    $500

Craig Baird             Xpressweb                           $500

Dave Giles              Invisimax                           $500

Jay Dominique           Access Paging                       $500

David Sovereen          Mercury Network                     $1000

Mark Radabaugh          Amplex                              $500

Cliff Leboeuf           Computer Sales & Services, Inc.     $500

Steve Barnes            RCWIFI                              $250

Craig House             Total Wireless Communications       $250

Roland Houin            Fourway                             $500

Dustin Jurman           Rapid Systems                       $500

Ron Wallace             Tiger Internet                      $250

Marlon Schafer          Odessa Office Equipment             $500

Travis Johnson          Microserv                           $2000

Chuck Bartosch          Clarity Connect                     $500

Jason McCernie          Veloxinet                           $250

Anand Buch              NetSapiens                          $250

Joel White              Nexgenaccess.com                    $450

Total Raised Thus Far                                       $16500


Current February Membership Applicants

Jamie Lummack           Crossover Distribution (Vendor) 

Brent Havens            Mark Twain Communications Company

Adam Johnson            Convertec Corporation

James Olson             Sun Dot Communications

Elton Wilson            Aloha Broadband

Roger Chien                                 EnGenius Technologies, Inc


February New Member Goal is 30.  Current count is 6.


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Rick Harnish




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