Everything in these directories are GIS related data mapping files. I need
all of them to build up the map layers so that I can calculate the
population and households based by the WISP map.

Thank You,
Brian Webster
www.wirelessmapping.com <http://www.wirelessmapping.com>

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Would it be easier if we send that information to you? What information are
you wanting out it? as of what year? or...if you have a program that
automagically does that for you, I guess it would be much easier than
entering it by hand.


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>The map is progressing and the data is coming in faster than ever. I'm
>keeping up but having an issue with trying to compute the demographics. I
>need to download a bunch of Census GIS data and I either get timed out or
>run out of hours in the day to complete the task. Can I get a volunteer to
>download everything in the following directories and burn them to disk and
>send them to me?
>Thank You,
>Brian Webster
>214 Eggleston Hill Rd.
>Cooperstown, NY 13326
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