We are reviving the announceme...@wispa.org mailing list.  This list has
been around for a long time but was never really used.  This list will be
set up like the advertiseme...@wispa.org list, in that all unique email
addresses on WISPA mailing lists will be subscribed to the list.  The list
will be moderated so that only board members can allow posts to go through.


The purposes of this list will be:

1.       New Member Introductions

2.       WISPA Press Releases

3.       Member News (Press Releases from Members)

4.       Possibly "For Sale Ads" (thinking one day a week, like the Motorola
List does) 

5.       Any Board Member posts that need to go out to all list members, so
that we aren't sending duplicates to those who belong to multiple lists.

6.       Fundraising Posts

7.       ..

8.       ..


This list should be operational on Tuesday if all goes well.  If you
received an unsubscribe notice this afternoon, just ignore it.  We had to
remove all current addresses before we repopulated the list.  My intent is
to stop so many duplicate posts for those of you that belong to more than
one list.  If you get more than one email at a time from this list, you may
have several different email addresses subscribed to the various listservs
we operate.



Rick Harnish


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